A Scrub for Dull Moments

This body scrub recipe is for the days that you’re feeling dull… too many days in a row  – and we start to feel unmotivated, sad, lethargic, stagnant.  And because our skin is a communication organ – when you’re  in a slump – you might see blocked pores, sluggish skin, a buildup of excess fluids like bloating and oiliness… It your skin saying to you: it’s time to stir the pot! 

The –aha– game changing moment in my life, was when I realised that skincare is an awesome tool for wellness. It’s an opportunity to bookend your days with a practice of checking in with yourself, seeing where you’re at – and taking care of your needs.

Feeling dull? This herbal scrub treatment will give you an uplifting effect, create movement in your system,  releases congestion and give you a glow.

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