Beauty, Fashion and Home Favourites: May 2018

It’s time for the May favourites. A mixed bag again, this month, as I’m featuring more beauty in the Most-Used videos. So there are two beauty things (both of which you can read more about here on the blog, links below the video pane), one sort-of-beauty favourite and two things for the house. Annoyingly, if you fall in love with either of the interiors favourites, both are one-offs. I reckon my Mum could be enticed into working her magic for profit (she made the amazing wall hanging I feature towards the end of the video) but the mirror was another fine purchase from Wells Reclamation yard (which appears to have become my new spiritual home) and they only had one.

Although I’m sure there are other antique mirrors of a similar style – just be mindful of transportation, if you do happen to get over-excited around oversized objects. (Hello.

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