Heatwave Dresses and the Georgian Fridge

I interrupt what was going to be a stream of beauty and skincare posts (I’ve been testing affordable sunscreens, watch this space) to talk about the current heatwave. Also the scarcity of heatwave-appropriate dresses and – perhaps most importantly – the fact that my house is basically a Georgian refrigerator.

I feel as though I need to document this heatwave somehow; more than two weeks of constant hot weather is an incredibly significant event to someone who lives in the UK. It’s even more significant if they’re the sort of person who cancels all plans just so that they can get two hours of sun during the kids’ nap time, rushing into the garden with a rug to sunbathe on as soon as the babes are safely in their cots. From dressed-Mum-in-the-bedroom to semi-naked-sun-worshipper-on-lawn in around a minute. Gone in sixty seconds.

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