Herbal Powder Face Mask to soothe skin & mood.

earthy, herbal goodness

Herbal remedies have made their way back into our kitchens, and you can also make them part of your everyday skincare routine. If you feel inspired to use herbs to nourish healthy skin, an herbal face mask made from powdered dry herbs is a really good way of getting started.

Herbal skincare

For thousands of years, people have used herbs to heal and nourish the skin. We prepared skincare with herbs like we prepare food, feeding phytonutrients that our body uses to create strong, healthy, resilient skin. Its only in our recent history where we’ve lost touch with nature – as beauty products filled our lives.
I think is so important for everyone to know that you can simplify your skincare routine and create amazing results – with something that nature provides, that you can grow yourself and make from your own pantry.

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