How to make the most potent herbal oils using a sous-vide

Herbal oil infusing in a sous-vide.

Herbal oils are full-body wellness, benefiting not only the skin, softening and soothing, but also on a deeper level, bringing wellness within.
In this article, I’m sharing how to use a sous-vide machine, to make an herbal oil. If this is something you’re interested in learning about – I’ll show you how a sous-vide can help you create a consistently potent, healing herbal oil.

What are Herbal Oils?

Herbal oils are an exchange between plant and oil. During the process of infusion, the herbs release their medicine – the constituents, volatile oils, nutrients, and oil-soluble vitamins – into the oil.
And when you apply it onto your skin – the oil gives your body the benefits of the herbs, from the outside in.

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