Life Update: Magnums, Metaphysics and Possible Death by HIIT

It’s the 3rd of the month, which means life update day. It has been published on the 3rd of every month for well over a year – I changed it to the 3rd when Ted was born (on – you’ve guessed it – the 3rd!) and before that it was on the 17th, which was the day of the month that Angelica was born. Making sure my update is completed before midnight at the end of the designated day has become something of a compulsion – it’s the one deadline I stick to absolutely rigidly.

When this monthly feature was on The Uphill, I quite often used to forget all about it until about half eleven, at which point I’d look at my diary to see what was going on the next day and notice it was the 3rd and then race to my laptop in a blind panic.

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