Natural skin care recipes

Water is the cheapest and readily available skin cleanser and skin hydration ingredient to enhance natural skin care. Combined with natural soaps, it becomes an active cleaning compound without any harmful effects. The body needs to have a constant supply of water taken in to prevent dehydration, as well as for detoxification.

Popular skin treatments are being done in derma clinics today like Photodynamic Therapy, V-Beam Laser Treatments, and Fractionated Co2 Laser procedure, but the use of less expensive natural and safer topical methods can be as effective as the clinic-based treatments.
Water is a fundamental natural element that one can use every day to care for the skin. Water not only replenishes the lost moisture on the skin especially in hot weather but refreshes the skin as well.

Immediate and appropriate treatment of the body’s surface can preserve the skin’s natural appearance. One common problem is acne that develops as a result of the clogging of the pores of the skin that could also turn into pimples, skin tags, cysts, whiteheads, and blackheads. Natural skin care is vital in the light of the higher costs and risks involved in going into a derma clinic treatment.

One such natural skin care recipe is the Antioxidant Turmeric Face Mask by Meghan Telpner that contain anti-inflammatory properties. This DIY antioxidant turmeric face mask is all-natural and protects skin from free radical damage. The homemade beauty recipe also provides excellent moisture and gentle exfoliation to the skin.

The ingredients include one tablespoon unsweetened yogurt, one tablespoon organic raw honey, and ½ teaspoon organic turmeric powder. You mix all the ingredients into a consistent paste. After mixing, allow a few minutes for the face mask to gel. The directions for using include: After washing your face, don’t pat dry with a towel. Instead, let your face stay damp. Apply the face mask on the skin and allow 10 to 15 minutes to sink deep into the facial skin. Then wash off the Turmeric face mask and apply a natural oil such as Virgin Coconut Oil.

Another natural skin care recipe is called Honey and Lime Scrubbing Mask for Acne-Prone Skin where prompt and appropriate treatment of the surface can preserve the skin’s natural appearance. In making the recipe, there are four steps: First, pour about two tablespoons of room temperature raw honey in a clean and preferably disinfected small bowl or cup.

Second, add one-half teaspoon of raw sugar and another half teaspoon of Dead Sea salt to the honey. Make sure both the sugar and salt are of small grains. Third, wash and grate the skin of the lime (lime zest). Add about one-eighth of a teaspoon of the lime zest and one-fourth of a teaspoon of the lime juice to the honey/sugar/salt mix. Fourth, mix with a spoon until all the ingredients are well incorporated.

Applying the skin care recipe: Find a comfortable place away from sunlight where to rest after the mask is used. Since Lime, like any other citrus, is photosynthetic, it will react with sunlight that could stain your skin. Allow some 25 to 30 minutes of free time for the natural chemicals to gel. Before facial application remove all makeup from your face by washing gently with water and mild natural soap and patting dry your face.

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