Pantry Ingredient: Freeze Dried Fruit

I’m excited to teach you today how to get the benefits of fresh food skincare, with the convenience of freeze-dried ingredients.
When I first started teaching skincare, I taught workshops on how to make fresh food masks that rivaled anything you could buy. I’d show up to these classes with a basket full of fresh ingredients and start chopping and blending and mixing…
And the biggest question I got was: Do I have to make this fresh every time? I get it. Everyone is busy.
But I knew one thing for sure: nothing is better for your skin than whole food skincare and nothing is cheaper for your wallet or better for the planet than learning how to do it yourself.
So I kept working on solving the problem: how do we make fresh skincare that rivals store bought? It needs to be simple to make, it needs to have a long shelf life, be enjoyable to use and truly work.

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