Pantry Ingredient: Salt

One of the most common pantry ingredients, salt, has an incredible history of topical use for strengthening our entire system. In this article, I’ll show you some of the ways that you can use salt in the bath for your overall wellness, to treat skin conditions, relieve aches and sores and some other fun ideas to explore!

There are many different types of salts, but I’ll go through the two most common, easy to find – so that you don’t have search for specialty (often expensive!) products.

Himalayan Pink Salt: 

Mined from a mountain system in Pakistan, where salt deposits were formed over 500 million of years ago. Geologist believe that an ancient ocean evaporated, leaving behind ocean salt, minerals and prehistoric fossils – sealed in under pressure as the mountains were formed over on top.  It created a pink salt marbling throughout the mountain, which today is still hand-minded in traditional methods.

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