Sex Burns and Sanitary Towels: Exercise with Crilly

I did some exercise yesterday and thus ended the fitness dry spell I’ve been enjoying for well over half a decade. I can account for around three years of that dry spell (pregnancy, new baby, pregnancy, new baby) but I’m not quite sure what I was doing for the years at either end. I think that in the year pre-baby the lack of exercise was probably just down to laziness and the most recent year was due to something like house sale, house move, house move, knackeredness.

But there’s only so long you can emotionally endure having to use a plastic shoehorn to tuck your stomach into your high-waisters and so, a few days ago, I made the executive decision to book myself into a local HIIT class. Not one to ease myself into anything gradually (unless it’s a too-hot bath) I shunned the beginner’s yoga, skipped the easy pilates and opted for the one class I couldn’t lie down in.

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