SOS Tonic – An Herbal Simple Remedy for Stress Relief

Imagine drinking a water infusion, that gives your body a mineral rush of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc –  fuels your cells with chlorophyll, soothes your system, relieves anxiety, helps you sleep and makes you feel restored. It’s called a herbal simple and it’s amazing.
You might just start replacing that $10 juice!

I was first introduced to drinking simples by Susun Weed, and my herbal mentor John Gallagher.
He said to me, walk into any convenience store and look at the drinks on offer. The majority are designed to stimulate our system. But, to feel at our best, what we need more of is nourishment!

What is a simple

In herbalism, a simple is a remedy that works with one single herb at a time.  Instead of mixing and blending different herbs, you focus on getting to know one herb: how your body responds to it and the effect that it has on your system.

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