Supermarket Best Beauty Buys: A New Series Begins

Well it looks as though we have ourselves a new beauty series; I uploaded a Youtube video about supermarket beauty on Sunday night and it was an instant hit. It was a video I had been meaning to do for a while – a quick “supermarket sweep” style vlog where I pick out the best beauty buys in my local supermarket. I originally intended it to be a sixty second video for Instagram, something I might do quickly every week with just one product (might still do it, actually) but when I got to Sainsbury’s I had nowhere to prop my camera without looking like a berk and I also had Ted with me, who was being (understandably) grumpy and had to be fed mini scotch eggs at a rate of one per twenty seconds.

So I changed the idea slightly, grabbing the beauty bits I needed and heading home to talk through my choices.

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