Various Types Of Lash Extensions On The Market

Lash extensions are in! Are you planning to have yours done?

Before heading to the salon, make sure that you know what options you have. It is important that you
have already an idea what to choose from, so you will end up with the best choice.

Lash extensions should make your eyes look brighter and beautiful without the mascara, eyeliner or even
eyeshadow. Picking the best possible type of extension before your service can ensure that you get the
most out of it.

Below are the different types of lash extensions:

Strip Lash Extensions

Strip lashes are most popular for parties or special events, so they are known as “party lashes.” Anyone
can easily apply the lashes using a rubbery or latex glue.

Since they are removable, you can change it anytime you want, depending on the occasion. It is
affordable and easy to apply, but it can come off from the eye when the glue is not properly dried.
It does not harm the natural lashes since they are hidden underneath the falsies. This is only good for
temporary use.

Individual Lash Extensions

People who want to have a semi-permanent lash extensions can go for this one. It is applied by a lash
stylish in a salon, and usually takes a maximum of two hours to finish the upper lashes.

The lash extensions are applied to the natural lashes using high quality adhesive glue. It is natural looking
and noone can tell that you are wearig lash extensions. Clients can choose from various thickness, length
and curls since it is customizable.

Lash extensions come off with your natural lashes every 2 to 4 weeks. For this reason, you have to go to
the salon and have them fill the gaps for maintenance.

Volume Lash Extensions

This type of extension is made from silk or synthetic extensions and basically provides volume. It is
arranged in such a way that it is layered on an individual natural lash for a fuller and dramatic look.

They are lightweight and very thin. The lash stylist applies 2 to 7 extensions in each lash. It is best for
women who have spots, sparse, or those who crave for voluminous eyelashes.

Real Mink Lash Extensions

Real mink lash extensions are the most lightweight, comfortable and the best natural looking lashes. They
come from the tail of Siberian or Chinese Minks. It is the reason why it is considered a premium choice.

They are soft, but sturdy. It looks very natural on the eye since it attaches to the natural lashes closely.
However, the only loophole with this one is they loose their curls when wet.

If you want to have these extensions, you should know that they take longer to apply because more
lashes are needed. They cost more than any other extensions due to the type of material and quality.

Faux-Mink Lash Extensions

Faux-mink lash extensions are not the original mink lashes as they are made to look and feel the real
mink. They are made from synthetic, poly-fiber material.

These lashes are one of the most popular lashes today. People can choose from various thickness and
lengths. One advantage of choosing them is that they maintain their shape, so there is no need for curling
or perming. They require low maintenance.

Silk Lash Extensions

Silk lash extensions are lightweight, natural lashes made from synthetic material. They are less glossy
than synthetic and are mid-weight between synthetic and mink extensions.

People who are older and have weaker natural lashes are the best clients for this type of lash extension.

They are available in different shapes, thickness and lengths.

Magnetic Lash Extensions

Magnetic lash extensions are the latest type of extensions on the market today. If you have heard about
it, there are contrasting reviews about this product, but it is better to see for yourself if it works for you.

Basically, magnetic lash extensions make use of magnets to attach the lashes to the natural lashes. It is
not hard to use, but it takes practice to apply them faster.

To apply, simply place one segment of the lashes on top and another segment beneath the natural
lashes. The small magnets on individual segment should attach them firmly. No adhesive is required to
hold them in place.

To remove them, you just have to slide them using the thumb and the index finger. They have normal
weight just like other falsies. Users should never sleep with these extensions to avoid contamination and
to preserve them.

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