We Answer Your Most-Asked SPF Questions

Try as we may to give as much information as we can on our packaging, website and over Instagram and Facebook, when it comes to launching a new product, there’s still always lots of great questions from our customers. Hot on the heels of our latest launch, Hello Sunshine SPF 30, and in the spirit of sharing, we thought you might find the answers to our most-asked questions pretty helpful too.

Q: Should Hello Sunshine be used with a day cream or can it be used in place of one?
A: Although it does have hydrating properties, an SPF won’t be enough to hydrate the skin alone so we recommend applying a moisturiser underneath.

Q: I’ve got blemish-prone skin, could it make my breakouts worse?
A: It’s suitable for all skin types! SPFs are notoriously thick products though, in order to protect your skin from UV rays.

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