Weekly Window Shop: Floral Noir Interiors

It’s been a while since the last Weekly Window Shop, hasn’t it? And I have no idea why, because I’ve been spending just as much time as usual looking at stuff online, creating fantasy furniture wishlists and obsessing over items of clothing that are a) inappropriately expensive and b) absurdly irrelevant to my current life situation. I mean, am I really going to wear a faux snakeskin pencil skirt and over-the-knee suede boots to drop Angelica at pre-school? Never mind the fact that I have to park the car on a grassy slope and then wade through a quarter mile of overgrown meadow.

But I have to say that – for the last six months at least – fashion shopping has been entirely overtaken by interiors shopping. And the interiors preoccupation of the month, this month, is pattern.

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