Why it is important to exfoliate this summer?

The very things we love about summertime; spending time in the sun, travelling etc, are the same reasons we need to up our exfoliation game. Sunscreen, hot weather, sweaty sleeps, makeup, as well as all that travelling, can leave our skin feeling like it’s in need of a really deep clean.

Skipping exfoliation altogether can leave skin feeling dull and congested, and make your favourite Moisturiser or Facial Oil feel less effective, as much of the product absorbs into the dead surface skin cells instead.

How should I exfoliate?

Our Organic Muslin Cloth, or the textured side of our Dual-Effect Sensitive Skin Cloth, used alongside your Cleanser will offer gentle daily buffing.

Our Kukui & Jojoba Bead Brightening Exfoliator is a gentle and effective mechanical exfoliator. The completely spherical jojoba wax beads will buff away dead skin cells and help to remove impurities that have built up on the skin’s surface.

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