Why Pai Products Are Patch Tested

As a sensitive skinned soul myself, I know how much it means to feel confident and safe when it comes to applying skincare to irritated, reactive skin. Independent patch testing gives you that reassurance – and as always if its something I’ve wanted for my own skin, then it’s something I know our customers will see the value in too.

It’s far too easy to get confused when it comes to the different claims that brands make. So I wanted to explain exactly what goes into our patch testing.

– Patch tests are conducted by dermatology doctors and dermatology nurses.
– We test our products on both Sensitive skin, and Eczema-prone skin.
– The 96 hour tests are conducted every day, for four days alongside a control sample.
– If the products do not aggravate the skin in the majority of tests, they are then deemed suitable for Sensitive, and Eczema-prone skin.

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